Traveling to Florida

Welcome back to my blog post.

Something I love to do is traveling. I’ll talk about more about why I love traveling. Also places I would like to travel. In another blog I talked about traveling to California. Today I will be talking about why I would love to visit Florida. I would love to go to Florida because it’s a really warm place. I think it’s a really beautiful place. I would want to go to the beaches.
Traveling to Florida.

If I was going to Florida, I would go to Miami. I would pick Allegiant airlines. It costs about $269. It also takes 2h and 19m. I also need a place to live. I would pick Motel Bianco. The cost is $69. Then when I get to Florida I would first take a rest for few hours. I would go to the nearest restaurant to eat. Then I would start to look up for places to go. If I did I would pick would be Coral Castle. I would stay there for few hours. Then come back home. The other day I would go to Disney world with my families. I would probably stay there all day. The second day I would go to magic kingdom for few hours. I would come back and take a rest in hotel and go to Gatorland. Then the other day would be my last day and come back to my home. – hotels link places to visit;f=LEX;t=MIA;q=lexington+to+florida;d=2015-12-24;r=2015-12-28 – flights

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Traveling to Florida

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