Something I love doing at holidays is to cook. I love cooking at holidays and when I’m free. I think it’s really fun thing to do when you’re at home and need something to do. I basically help my mom in the kitchen. She taught me how to cook. My mom and I cook when we have family get-to-gather. I help her and I get to cook and learn more about how to cook food. I also love to bake. I took a baking class and it was really fun. I learned to bake cupcakes and small cakes when I was 9 years old.  Then I stared to get even better at cooking. My mom let me cook sometimes at home when I had nothing to do. The first reason why I love to cook is that cooking a meal for someone is one of the personal and intimate things you can do for someone. When you know how to cook you don’t have to go to restaurant every day and spend all your money and worry about your bills. Also that if you get good at cooking people are going to like your food which will make you proud. I believe that cooking food is creating art, if you use your imagination.

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